Visual literacy and visual fluency – a short interview at UX Australia

Last week I had the joy and honour to give a talk at UX Australia, speaking to over 800 people about the importance and power of expressing ourselves visually.
After the talk, I spoke with the lovely people from Pop-up Radio who recorded podcasts, soundbites and interviews during the conference.

Below is my interview, covering the power of using words and images in combination, our natural ability to understand visual information and giving yourself permission to draw.
(Excuse the slightly rambly start... it's getting better a few minutes in)

You should also check out all the interviews with the other speakers. Lots of great thoughts in there:

Guest at the Sketchnote-Army podcast

I had the pleasure to chat to Mike Rohde about sketching, travelling and practice on an episode of his podcast. You can listen to the episode and see the description and show notes below.

In this episode, I chat with the amazing Eva-Lotta Lamm, a designer, sketchnoter and a really brilliant person, who traveled the world and captured the experiences she had as sketchnotes. We also talk about tools, iPad Pro and Eva-Lotta shares 3 tips for improving your sketchnoting practice.

* Eva-Lotta’s Website -
* Twitter -
* Instagram -
* Flickr -
* Secrets from the road: reliving our world trip in sketchnotes
* Secrets from the road (Facebook) -
* Notes from the Road -…72157648014035569
* Eva-Lotta’s favorite pens -…ho8uplf8z5e3i
* Apple iPad Pro -
* Apple Pencil -
* Paper by FiftyThree -
* Procreate App for iPad -
* Thoughts About Sketching Practice - evalottchen/though…actice-53454ef9cb19
* Drawn together through Visual Practice, an anthology featuring an article about Visual Improvisation by Eva-Lotta -

Zu Gast beim Twumble Podcast

Ich hab letzte Woche den Marc von der Beyond Tellerrand Konferenz in seinem wunderschoenen Garten besucht und bei Sonnenschein und fantastischem Kaffee mit ihm eine Folge fuer seinen Podcast Twumble aufgenommen (auf Deutsch). Wir haben und ueber das Leben, die Arbeit und natuerlich das Skizzieren unterhalten.

Hier gibt's die Folge.