How to sketch yoga postures & sequences

Learn how to sketch simple yoga 'stick figures' to capture and plan your yoga sequences with this simple, step-by-step system that can be quickly learned, even without any drawing or sketching skills.


140 pages,
High quality PDF,
Ideal for viewing on your tablet, phone or desktop,
Optimised for self-printing.


142 pages,
A4 format, softcover.

Who is this guide for?


Yoga Teachers & Coaches

If you teach yoga classes or work with your own private clients, sketching is a great way to plan out sequences
and practice plans in a visual way.

You can use them as a visual overview during class (if you haven’t fully memorised the sequence yet). They also make great handouts for your students after a workshop or as personalised practice plans for your one-on-one clients.


Teacher Training Attendees

If you are learning to be a yoga teacher there is a lot of information to take in and to process.

Taking visual notes and using sketches to capture the details about postures, alignment and anatomy will help you to get the most out of your training. The notes you create will be clearer, more engaging and actually fun to look at and revise again later.


Students & Practitioners

If you study or practice yoga, you can sketch out your favourite sequences to use as a guide during your home practice or for when you are travelling.

Sketch out that great class you attended at your yoga studio or the nice ow you found on YouTube. The sketched overview will be the perfect cheat sheet to keep by your mat during your own practice.

Why sketching?

I used sketching and visual notes extensively during my own yoga teacher training with my teacher Surinder Singh in Rishikesh (India). I also regularly sketch out sequences for my own practice and to share with friends.  

Sketching is a quick and simple way to capture information, to remember it better and to communicate with other people. Capturing and expressing information visually supports learning and understanding. 

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